Advanced features

  • Monitor analysis +

    Both the standard and customized analysis / filters of the user, can be put on the homepage to be constantly monitored. The monitor analysis is not just a link on the homepage to an analysis / filter but also shows a count of the number of elements in the analysis itself. It is therefore easy to find in the homepage the number of opportunities which have to be sent, awaiting response, the activities of the next few days, the ticket which need to be planned or any other desired analysis.
  • Assignment and modification of notifications +

    It is possible to enable the sending of notifications when they are automatically created or to modify any data which you do not own. In this way the owner of the data (customer's agent, manager of the offer, ...) will be notified if another user with permissions will make changes on the data.
  • Document management +

    You can manage with the basic platform, a shared and customizable document archive. Administrators and users can create categories of documents in a hierarchical manner and create new documents with description, keywords and attachments. For each category and / or document you can manage permissions for viewing and editing it, in order to create themes for the various groups. The native search tool UP! CRM integrates seamlessly with the document management allowing you to do simple and advanced researches within the categories / or the documents.
  • External data viewer +

    The instrument of external data viewer (Viewer of external data applications) allows you to read real-time data from any external data source accessible via ODBC and to show this data in CRM. Thanks to this tool it will be easier for the system administrator to create such views on the ERP to show the documents related to a customer (invoices, delivery notes, deadlines, accounting position, ...) or to show the stock of availability of the items and reading real-time data from stock.
  • Data Synchronization +

    Thanks to the Data Synchronization tool you can maintain synchronized bi-directionally customer lists and locations / alternative addresses and contacts with those present in the ERP data.
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