Planning and Schedule

The management of the activities and the timetable allows to create:
  • Appointments
  • Phone calls
  • Activities derived from marketing campaigns
  • Visits and Inspections
  • Other activities of various kinds
Through the creation of a task, the user may provide for the recording of contextual information gathered during a visit, an email or a phone call, and connect them directly to the customer data and the interested contact. The activities are closely linked with the scan tool and the campaign management. Each activity can also be generated by other entities (CUSTOMER, CONTACTS, OPPORTUNITIES '...) with a planning calendar and its own stage of development and validity. The activities can also be synchronized to Outlook as Tasks or Appointments (includes the use of Exchange 2003 or higher). Inside UP!CRM there is a specific calendar tool that allows you to view the users activity, another user or the group of users. The visualizations are available daily, weekly or monthly. The events shown are configurable by the administrator and the user.

The standard events available are:
  • Tasks and appointments UP!CRM
  • ToDo UP!CRM
  • Expiring opportunities
  • Opportunities for potential closure
  • Ticket and Actions
  • Projects
  • Outlook appointments and tasks (only with Exchange 2003)

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