Personal Data


Customer entity card of UP!CRM is commonly referred as an Account, in which, in addition to the standard information there is also data, provided for statistical and customized organizational nature, to meet your specific needs. There will also be cards concerning the details related to the management of privacy, attachments (documents / files in electronic format of a different nature), customizable fields and structured notes.

Each customer has its own status:
  • LEAD (for example: a simple registry on which there has been no investment)
  • POTENTIAL (registry already contacted several times and on which investments have been made already)
  • CLIENT ASSETS (coded in management)
  • OBSOLETE (personal not busier).


Contacts is the registry of contact / s (referents) of each customer, or the person with whom one relates directly. The standard fields regarding the data, such as address of the contact person (if different from customer reference), the means of contact (email, phone, cell phone, fax ...), attachments, briefings and structured files of any format for photo , documents etc. are provided in it.
The contact card provides a report "many to many", for example a contact can be present as a referent in more customers or a customer may have multiple contacts.

Analysis of clients, contacts and tasks

The basic module for UP!CRM provides the configuration of the analyzes relating to customers, contacts and activities. The user will be able to query all data entities mentioned above in order to research and do statistics. The following analysis will be published based on the user permissions:
  • Customer List for Users (only its customers)
  • Total Client List (list for all customers, if having appropriate permissions)
  • Contact List for Users (only your contacts)
  • Overall list (list for all contacts, if having appropriate permissions)
  • List of User Activities (only their own activities)
  • Total Activity List (list for all activities, if having appropriate permissions).

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