UP!CRM for iPad

Whether through a locally installation or in SaaS mode, which is usable as an AX-CLOUD service, UP!CRM has been designed to be accessible at all times as long as there is a simple Internet connection that falls within the standard defaults.

The technology.net and the native HTTP protocol allows the UP!CRM client to connect directly to the database company with the maximum of security and flexibility, using simply a laptop or a tablet with Windows 8.1. It is possible to connect also through an iPad or an Android tablet with access via RDP (Remote Desktop).

The levels of access security and user recognition systems will ensure the operations and give you the assurance that your data is always under maximum protection.

The latest generation device of clear professional approach, vowed to maximum mobility, such as the Fujitsu Stylistic Q704 represent the perfect combination to make the idea of the concept of UP!CRM in Mobile.




Cloud Services ALDEBRA

A-X-CLOUD is Aldebra’s cloud platform to which you can assign your enterprise’s data and applications.

Secure Data ALDEBRA

Aldebra’s services concerning security and management of your enterprise-wide data will guarantee you maximum protection and business continuity.


A Customer Care service which is at your disposal will support you through every of your needs.

  • Mobility & Style
  • Independence and Accessibility
  • Ticketing

Apple iOS

Dedicated App

UP!CRM is also iPad. Thanks to the app specifically designed for the iOS environment, you may access on and off line to the data of your customers with all the benefits offered by the Apple tablet.



UP!CRM is a cross-browser and in fact independent of the operating system of the device used as access site. Usability at the highest levels is provided so that your enterprise can access the data of your customers with a single connection.

Call Tracking

Management of contracts

A customer care service of a high quality is one of the most pleasing and important features to gain the loyalty of a customer. Thanks to UP!CRM, you can follow every aspect of the tickets and their resolutions governing efficiently your resources. Everywhere.