QlikView - Business Discovery

The QlikView Business Discovery platform offers self-service BI that provides users powerful tools which enable an innovative decision-making process.

QlikView offers a whole new understanding of the business through:

  • Consolidation of important data from multiple sources into a single application
  • Exploration of the associations of the data
  • "Social" decision-making through the secure real-time collaboration
  • Displaying data with interesting graphics of the state of the art
  • Research on all the data, directly and indirectly
  • Interaction with dynamic applications, dashboards and analysis
  • Access, analysis and acquisition of data from mobile devices

More tools available
for the users:

The QlikView associative experience provides answers with the same speed with which questions are conceived. It allows you to interact with the data to generate analysis in unimaginable.ways

I IT professionals are able to provide the self-service BI:

QlikView enables IT professionals to offer an experience of complete self-service BI and serve the enterprise as never before, ensuring absolute safety, quality and data governance on the back end.

Simplifying the task of IT professionals and developers:

QlikView simplifies the work of business analysts and developers engaged in the creation of forefront BI applications that users can improve and expand gradually with the changing business needs.

Thinking differently: flexible technology

QlikView is a lot you more than an excellent tool for business discovery with which you can build BI App. QlikView is also very flexible. Customers and partners can create custom charts using JavaScript API and loading the data from any source directly into QlikView using the QVX interface for the data exchange.

A truly dynamic BI ecosystem

QlikCommunity - as part of the QlikView family, you're never alone. Join the 90,000 members of QlikCommunity and participate at discussions, ask questions, download free samples and share QlikView App. QlikMarket - In QlikMarket customers can find a wide range of Apps made by partners ready to be used, chart extensions and connectors. Partners receive unprecedented visibility for their innovations. QlikView Partner Portal - For our partners and more than 1700, the QlikView Partner Portal is the link for commercial material, for the marketing and training of the highest quality to support a successful business with the QlikView Business Discovery platform.



What this means for you

Investing in QlikView does not mean only invest in one of the most intuitive self-service BI platform, but it is also an investment in enterprise architectures which can be perfectly modeled on the specific needs and an investment in one of the largest and most active community of BI where ideas are exchanged and solutions are quickly implemented.