• We are looking for a CRM system to profitably manage our customer care activities and our qualities. +

    UP!CRM has a vertical-specific solution concerning the management of customer care. Ticket, call center and the tracking of support calls are just some of the possibilities. Your technicians will be able to see the products and serial numbers which are installed at your customer with their respective maintenance plans service contracts and guarantees.
  • My tradesman are always around and should be able to access the customers history. +

    With the multibroswer remote access, your tradesman can access anywhere and at any time the data base to see the business customer lists, their history and to load new opportunities. And if the connection is missing, with an iPad they can work off-line.
  • We need an integrated solution to our management that is sharing the database. +

    UP! CRM is natively integrated with UP! erp, but also has a data connector that allows you to integrate directly with the databases of third-party management software.
  • I do not want an excessive investment in infrastructures, UP! CRM is available in "online service"? +

    UP!CRM is completely web based and available exclusively through an internet browser. One feature that makes it perfectly suited to be enjoyed even in the service is by using the service of AX-CLOUD Aldebra
  • Who are your partners? +

    Aldebra is one of the most important national system integrators. Our partners are the so-called IT TITAN, which is the global leading brand in the industry, with particular attention to those that have value solutions. Among all, Microsoft is definitely one of the most important technologies on which we have in fact worked on our products.
  • UP! CRM is multilingual? +

    UP! CRM is multilingual and is currently available in English. Other languages are being implemented including German.
  • How many enterprises can I manage with UP!CRM? +

    UP!CRM is born and is therefore an extremely flexible multi-company. There are no licensing restrictions. You are deciding.
  • What kind of support do you offer? +

    Aldebra has a dedicated Help Desk service accessible by phone or through the web using the reserved area of Aldebra for its customers. The assistance is delivered and then either phone, which assists in remote or onsite depending on the extent of the open ticket. There are service contracts that also allow discounts.
  • UP! CRM can be consulted from a Mac? +

    Of course! UP!CRM is accessible through the browser and being a multibrowser Safari is also supported. Just an internet connection is necessary and it will be accessible even outside the corporate network.
  • Can I handle additional information to the standard data? +

    The platform UP! CRM provides the ability to independently enter additional fields defined "custom" whose information are registered directly in the database, thus becoming analyzed and recalled in analysis and reporting.
  • Do I need to manage massive marketing campaigns, can I import external db? +

    Certainly. UP! CRM supports the ability to import the database from external sources which generate specific campaigns.
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