UP! CRM.NET has been developed based on the Microsoft. NET technology, the platform on which any product is converging as the "lingua franca" for the integration and exchange of data with other applications. All the software for Microsoft platforms (desktop applications, applications Client / Server, Web applications, mobile applications for pocket PC and SmartPhone) will in fact be developed with technology. NET .

With UP!.NET you will gain:
  • reliability;
  • IT data security and protection;
  • integration;
  • evolutions.
Thanks to .NET, UP!CRM gains a new GUI with high usability and efficiency.
So UP!CRM is intuitive, simple and really easy to use. All users gain productivity, job satisfaction and a better quality service to end user.

Same samples about the UP!CRM real advantages:
  • easy and high speed data access;
  • easy data retriver and information editing;
  • easy customizable menu;
  • rapid data entry with key functions directly by keyboard;
  • access anywhere and anytime with User login;
  • integrated Ipad apps.